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Our teachers update homework grades and assessments grades on a regular basis.  


Parent/Teacher Relationship

Both parenting and teaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefits to the children.  As parents, when your children become involved in our classrooms, you have the right to understand what expectations are placed on your children. This begins with clear communication from the individual teachers.

Communication You Should Expect From Your Student's Math Teacher

1. Philosophy of the teacher

2. Behavior Expectations

3. Grading policies

4. Procedures regarding missing work due to absences

5. Updated grades in a timely fashion

Procedures for Communication for Students and Parents

  1. Initial concerns need to be expressed by the student directly to the teacher. We want students to experience and learn direct communication skills that they can carry with them to the next level of their education/career.  Additionally, we want to help students learn self-advocacy skills and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to practice these skills.
  2. If the issue is not resolved, the parent should contact the individual teacher to arrange a meeting. The student must be present.
  3. If you feel the meeting with the teacher did not provide an adequate solution, a meeting involving all parties plus the academic division head will be arranged. (Math Division Head: Julie Bryniczka,, 847-543-6361)
  4. At this meeting, if a resolution has not been reached, the appropriate next step would be to contact Mr. Robert Vossel, Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction.
  5. If steps 1-4 have not provided a satisfactory solution, only then should the Principal, Mrs. Barb Valle, be contacted.


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