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How To Ask For Help

The following is from "WikiHow" and provides a step-by-step process for those students who are shy or unsure of how to ask for help.

Sometimes, it is very scary to ask a teacher for help. They feel unapproachable! How do you approach a teacher for help? Well keep on reading to find out!

Step 1-Relax, take a few breaths.  The teacher won't think you're dumb.  In fact, they'll probably think more of you for having the courage to say "I don't get it."

Step 2-Take out your book for the subject [If you are asking Mr. Stukenberg, the Government teacher, then get out your government book] Or, if you need     help with concepts that were taught in class, get out your notes.

Step 3-Flip to the page that you think explains the topic or where you got lost.

Step 4-Say "Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss _______ (example Mr. Stukenberg), I am having trouble understanding ____________ (example: the steps to passing a bill).    Could you please help me?"

Step 5-Your teacher will most likey say "Don't worry, this is completely normal! You are not the only person in the world who struggles with this topic!"

Step 6-Make sure you fully understand the topic; don't just say, Yes, I understand" even though you don't!

Step 7-You can ask for help on more than one topic. That's what we're here for!!!

I've had students bring a friend along for "moral support" the first time they ask me for help.  The main thing is to ASK for help!

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