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Tips For Studying: Did You Know...

  • Intelligence isn't fixed? Kids seem to think that people are "born smart or their not", which is TOTALLY FALSE! EVERY student can learn and improve their skills in a class. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because they can help you learn! In fact, it takes most people a few times to go over a concept/skill before the learn it. Think about the video games you play and how often you have to redo a level before you master it. It's the same process in school! It's a matter of finding out where you made the mistake and then fixing it. If you don't know how to correct your mistake, talk to your teacher or seek help from the tutoring center in the library. We are here to support you and help you grow!
  • The length of time a student can focus is connected with their age? If you are 16, then your brain can only focus for 16 minutes before it needs a break. Set the timer on your phone and then work for that period of time before taking a 1-2 minute break.
  • Baroque music can help you concentrate? It has 80-90 beats per minute, which mimics your heart rate when your brain is in Alpha State.
  • Current, popular music should only be listened to while studying or reading if you have ADD or ADHD because it actually slows down your brain function. Listening to your favorite music when you should be studying interferes with problem solving and memory. Music should be used to help you concentrate, not help you pass the time while hitting the books.
  • Research indicates that MOST people cannot multi-task effectively. Turn off your phone when you are studying because the e-mails and texts interfere with creating long-term memory. College students who text or check their Facebook during class or while studying have the lower GPA's due to being distracted and not concentrating on their school work.
  • Reviewing your notes and class material at least two times a week will help you remember? You DON'T have to study for hours, in fact you shouldn't! You should break it up and spend a few minutes each night:

1. Checking to see that you know the vocabulary/concepts that you have learned in class. If you are having trouble learning a term, draw a picture of the main points of the definition.

2. Reviewing material that you know you don't fully understand. Circle/underline the items that are confusing or write down a question and use them to ask for help from your teacher or in the Tutoring Center.

  • Use colored pens/pencils to identify notes that you took in class on different days.
  1. Use a different color when you add to your notes or change them.
  2. Use different colors for different types of vocabulary:

a -Blue for people like Grant or Lee

b-Red for war or conflicts lile Gettysburg

c -Purple for political documents like the Emancipation Proclomation

3. Create a visual with each new vocabulary word you learn. Our brains remember pictures easier than words.

Ultimately, how much effort and the quality of the effort you put into studying is up to you. Remember, it's okay to make mistakes because they can help you learn. Just ask for help when you're stuck!

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